Your Why to Buy

Understanding the real reason someone may wish to buy your product or service is critical for sales success. We call this ‘why to buy’ and it must resonate with your buyer’s most pressing problem.

What is the primary reason someone would want to buy your product or service? Is it based on what you think your customer might need or based what they really do need? In effective selling, it’s generally centred on what is the most pressing problem your ideal customer is facing; the problem that weighs most heavily on their minds and creates the greatest amount of concern & worry.

A Better Way to Understand the Why

Often we focus on the features of our product or service, the benefits of these features and the outcomes customers could receive. But a much better way is to identify the most pressing problems that your customer is faced, with as well as the degree to which your products or services can help solve these problems. A great way to explore this is to create a problem map for customers and demonstrate how you can solve these problems.

To add another level of sales effectiveness, you should grade your potential customer’s emotions to the problems (high intensity, medium intensity and low intensity) & link how they would feel if they could solve these problems. The simple process is to map your solutions to these problems but underlining how these solutions will make them feel once these problems are resolved.

“People buy on emotion but use logic to validate their decisions”

The ‘Why to Buy’ requires considerable research, planning, scoping & thought and should ideally be tested to ensure it is authentic and appropriate for your ideal customer. You must honestly ask yourself – why would the customer really want to buy from me – particularly over the competition.


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