Top 3 Bad Sales Tactics

So many outdated sales tactics actually turn customers ‘off’ and block the buying process or exchange. Most likely, you feel uncomfortable using them yourself and instinctively know that customers tend to react negatively when you use them.
This is because customers today, are very consumer savvy, many have had the tactics used on them before, are aware of the spin, want more authenticity (especially millennials) and more importantly, they have ample choice and ultimately, they have control.

Movies like the ‘Tin Men’, ‘Boiler Room’, ‘Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘Glengarry’ have shown us the tactics and told the story over and over. All these sales tactics worked in the 1950’s to 2000’s but not now. So, it’s time to drop ineffective sales tactics – here’s my top 3 Worst Sales tactics.

No 1: The Elevator Pitch

Elevator Pitches – the notion that you have only 30 secs to convince someone to buy from you is not true. Don’t get me wrong, your sales contrast statement, expertly crafted, helps clients identify with ‘why they should buy’ from you is very different from a pitch.
You need to create a memorable statement not a pitch- that will resonate with the customer and have them thinking of you when they want to buy.

No 2- Overcoming Objections

Overcoming Objections – objections are there for a reason. Sleazy underhanded tactics that are designed to manipulate a client versus satisfy the client – are so wrong and can be detrimental to you and your business’s reputation. Rather than overcoming an objection, instead aim to uncover what the underlying unsatisfied need is and attempt to resolve it for the customer.

This will provide not only better service but ensure your own learnings along the way.

No 3- Closing the Sale

Closing the Sale – you may have heard statements like follow the ABC’s of Selling. Always be closing. From trial closes, assumptive closes, time of essence closes – there are literally 50 or more of them. Every old-school sales book will teach you how to ‘close the sale’.
Clients are not ready to buy for a reason. Forcing the client to buy something when they are clearly not ready is manipulating the sale. Closing techniques do work, but unfortunately, they are often underhanded. Getting a sale this way is a sure-fire way of losing the customer’s trust, ruining the foundation of longer-term successful relationships.

So, toss out these 3 sales tactics and replace them with ones that actually work.

Death of a Salesman

Ever heard of the old Arthur Miller book, ‘Death of a Salesman’? It’s about Willy Lomas, a once very successful sales guy who has lost his edge and can’t sell enough to care for his family, so he slips into depression & alcoholism. All the tactics he once used are now gone & useless.

This may have a similar ring to you if your profession involves selling a product or service to customers today in the 21st Century or 2019! Selling has become a dirty word in many industries and businesses with customers often equating the sales process to that of the out-of-date ‘Used Car’ tactics from the 50’s. Selling the way we used to sell is long dead & buried,

There are 3 primary reasons for this.

Firstly, the average customer is bombarded with over 3,500 sales messages every week. They see it on TV, hear it on the radio, experience it when shopping, walking down the street or even answering the phone. This constant barrage means consumer’s brains have become exceptionally efficient at filtering out nearly 98% of this noise, unless it has relevance & meaning to them.

Secondly, customers have seen on the news many reports of organisations, businesses and individuals doing the wrong thing by their clients & essentially ripping them off in the process. This press has created a negative reputation for the sales process & Sales professionals in general.

Thirdly, in today’s fast paced digital world, the dynamic of seller having more information than the buyer has shifted. It is no longer ‘Buyer Beware’ because most of the time people are often as informed as the person selling the product or service. The customer has access to a wealth of information on the internet, social media and comparison websites.

All this and more, has resulted in the Death of the 21st Century salesperson. If you or your business relies on sales to keep your business flowing and your doors open, you need to change and learn how to gain customers – without the sales spin.

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