Win without Spin

In our previous blog, Death of the 21st Century Salesman, we discussed why traditional sales tactic’s strategies and techniques are failing today.

Selling is not a dirty word. It’s been happening since Adam. And we saw the sales job the snake did on Eve! However, selling in its purest form, is just a type of bartering. You have something, generally money and I have something you need (notice that key word?) – so an exchange takes place.

In today’s climate, it is possible to gain a sale from a client without engaging in the usual sales-spin and hype. 

There are a number of key things you must do first:

  1. Trust is earnt and not given freely. In many sales environments trust has been broken and it needs to be re-established. Believe it or not, there is a formula for trust – that must be adhered to for success. Your goal is to establish trust first, and the best way to do that is to have honourable intent.
  2. This is where many of the problems have arisen today. Are you really asking the customer to buy from you because you actually believe it is the best thing for them (all things being equal) OR because you need to make money, get a sales target, earn commission or satisfy your boss & the company? Authentic intent is critical here.
  3. You must be able to demonstrate to the customer that you have credibility in what you are saying or offering. This underpins trust.
    Credibility is based on 3 key ingredients.
    First, it based on your expertise. The knowledge you have applied to the solutions on offer (notice the plural?). Know more than just your own product or service. Know your market place and competitor’s offers too.
    How much experience do you have in the solutions you know about and offer to the client? Why should they believe you in what you say?

Finally, it based on evidence. The old adage, evidence defeats disbelief rings true. How can you prove what you say is true? This comes from customer’s feedback and testimonials.


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